Rosacea and Redness.

Rosacea and redness are skin problems and are usually caused by capillaries which remain dilated, turning out to be an overall flushed appearance. The most frequently affected parts are the forehead, cheeks and nose and this is common with people with lighter skin types. If left untreated, the delicate capillaries can stay dilated and lead to a lasting broken capillary on skin’s surface. The Dermedique make use of the Futon to effectively and safely treat facial flushing and redness, and facial spider veins. You are assured to expect accurate results following each treatment, without bad side effects.

Rosacea and Redness Treatments.

Laser for Pigmentation and Redness

Target freckles, melasma, acne scars, age spots and sun damage with safe and effective laser or IPL treatments for pigmentation.

LED Light Therapy

Deep penetrating and soothing LED Light Therapy enhances your skin cells internal healing functions, ideal for acne sufferers.


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